Butterfly Animation Laser Pointer

Treat your feline friend to hours of play with the laser pointer.

What’s it for

Indoor cats often need a little more encouragement to stay active and in good shape than their outdoor counterparts – a feat made that much easier with the Anpro Cat LED Pointer.  

The butterfly-shaped LED light will have your pet intrigued from the get-go, helping them get a great workout without ever having to get their paws dirty. 

By following the rapid movement of the LED, your cat can stretch and strengthen their muscles as well as engage their brain. Daily play all add to a happy, healthy lifestyle for your pet.

If you’re trying to house train your cat (or teach them fun tricks), this pointer can also be used alongside treats to help them understand good behaviour.

Key benefits

  • made from lightweight materials 
  • added keyring attachment 
  • safe for your cat's eyes 
  • sturdy plastic and aluminium casing

How it works

We all know that cats love to chase anything that moves. Keep your toes and fingers safe by distracting excitable felines with this LED light pointer. Project the pointer onto flat surfaces, moving it around at different speeds for your cat to chase.

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