April 13, 2020 2 min read

Firstly, we hope you are all safe!

We figured that we could all do with a bit of cheering up during the COVID 19 lockdown so we decided to check out 10 cute cats who are helping to alleviate boredom, stress or ability to actually work during the lockdown.

10. The Hunter

This little kitty is taking care of business by making sure your bed is free from all sorts of pesky pests such as toes and knees :P.

 9. The Actor

 This little kitty is helping her mom to while away the time indoors by learning new acting skills. In this scene, Kitty is pretending to be a henchman in a James Bond movie.

8. The Fat Cat

This kitty is trying to inspire you to get thin! We might also need some help getting thin themselves! Exercise is a fantastic way to keep your body and spirit healthy during stressful times like these.

7. The Kisser

This little kitty is here to help soothe any stress you are feeling with the cutest little kisses a kitty can kiss. Having said that our cat is more likely to nom on us!


Ok so it's not relaxing. Or fun. And it hurts. It sounds just like a real massage! 

5. The Calculus Professor

More like confused.com cat! Our 4 legged friends are not built for mathematical equations but this little kitty is trying its best to help!

4. The Guard

It is important to make sure people who you do not live with are being responsible and social distancing. This cat is on guard duty, making sure everyone is looking after each other!

3. The Cutey

cute cat purrfect apparel

We all need a big slice of cute at the moment. And whilst all the kitty cats on this list are cute, we thought this one was the cutest. Kitty cuddles are the best.

2. The Cook

This big kitty is making sure you and your family are well fed. Even if it looks kinda scary whilst it does so.


This little kitty is doing a fantastic job of preventing its mommy from going outside! Holding on and blocking her exit. This kitty is doing its bit to keep its hooman safe and healthy.

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