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Best Cat Toys Of 2019 purrfect apparel

Top 7 Cat Toys of 2019

Playtime provides the necessary exercise and boredom relief for cats. To help keep your kitties healthy and active, make sure to give them exciting and engaging playthings to use around your place.

Before reading the top seven cat playthings for the year, take a peek at the different types of toys available for your beloved pet.

Kinds of Cat Toys

Catnip Toys

These usually contain the herb catnip, allowing your cats to respond to it time and time again. For one, this herb seems to put felines under an active state of mind, making them more playful and energetic. At the same time, most tabbies are also prone to becoming kind and more relaxed.

Known to be non-toxic and non-addictive, this herb will surely leave your feline friend feeling happy with everything they do – at least for a few hours or minutes. Just make sure that your toy of choice can accommodate changes or refills to keep the herb’s freshness and potency.

Chase Toys

Kitties are still highly skilled predators. As a matter of fact, these felines possess innate hunting skills and first-rate instincts. To prevent your cats from preying on poor birds and other small mammals or insects in your area, giving them chase toys is certainly a good idea.

Chase toys make your kitties stave off their energy while allowing them to catch their so-called prey. Since chase toys can easily be controlled by a flick and switch of a hand, you can catch the attention of your kitties and keep them interested.

Electronic Toys

Interactive, electronic cat toys are all the rage these days. Not only do these playthings possess the ability to encourage your cat’s natural predatory instincts, these can also provide endless fun for your pet. Designed to light up and make noise, these are often intended to mimic the movement of mice and other similar animals. Usually battery-operated, you would do well to check on the batteries and the overall condition of your item from time to time.

Top 7 Cat Toys

After we’ve had a look at the varying type of playthings, below are some ideas you might want to shop for your feline babies.

purrfect apparel food dispenser

Automatic Food Dispenser with Voice Recording Option

    If your pet tends to eat its weight in food, one way to regulate their intake is through this food dispenser. Through this cat feeder, you can feed your cat 4 times a day. Since you can program their feeding times as well as their portions, you can finally slow down their intake. With a voice recording option, you can keep your kitty company even while you’re at work.

    purrfect apparel led pointer for cats

    LED Pointer with Mouse Animation

    The LED pointer may appear simple and straightforward but wait until you’ve seen its mouse animation. The eye-catching mouse image will certainly keep your pet entertained for an endless amount of time. Think of this as an entertaining way to keep your cat active!

    cat teaser wand

    Cat Teaser Wand

      If you want to keep your kitty preoccupied, this is the perfect toy for the both of you. With a small, colorful mouse, or an attention-grabbing stuffed fish at the end, and a long, flexible wand, you can keep your feline baby hooked with this toy. The small, lifelike attachments at the end make all the difference. It will as if your pet is chasing after their prey!

      catnip teeth grinder purrfect apparel

      Catnip Teeth Grinder

        Filled with loads of catnip, this adorable teeth grinder is guaranteed to bring your cat a fresh dose of happiness with each nip. Made with highly durable fabrics with double-sewn edges, your tabby cat will have tons of fun pouncing on these colorful plushies in no time. Plus, its lightweight construction will make it easy for your kitties to swat or chew it around!

        interactive toy for cats purrfect apparel

        Interactive Play and Exercise Toy

          The Easyology Pets 3-Level Tower and Ball Track will keep your feline babies on their toes. This allows your pet to literally keep their eyes on the ball. Whether they’re the lazy swatter or the avid ball-whacker, this 3-tiered interactive toy will keep them entertained for hours. The best part? It stays in place even when your cat starts thwacking the ball!

          s foldable tunnel purrfect apparel cats

          S Shape Foldable Tunnel

            If your feline-buddy needs the extra push to shed some of its weight, this might just be the best gift for them. Made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, this foldable tunnel provides a secure and exciting environment for your kitty to play in. Designed with numerous holes, your cats can weave in and out whenever they wish. Since its collapsible, you can easily store this item after playtime.

            radio control mouse cat toy purrfect apparel

            Remote Control Mouse Toy

              If your kitty is fond of the perennial cat-and-mouse-game, this remote-controlled toy makes for the perfect gift for your pet. With its ability to exhibit real mouse movements, your tabby will totally spend a long time catching its prey. Small and nifty in size, take these wherever you go!  

              What are you waiting for? Give your cats new toys to keep them active and busy even when you’re not around.

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