Best Cat Instagram Accounts Of 2018!

Top 5 Cat Instagram Accounts Of 2018

The Purrfect Apparel team is in no doubt that humans are simply fascinated with cats. These stunning feline creatures have certainly touched the hearts and minds of many people around the world. Behind these cats of Instagram no-nonsense attitude and approach to life lies animals that are simply waiting to be touched and cuddled.

Today, it cannot be denied that these cats can be found across the world. With their vibrant and sometimes ambivalent attitude, there is no wonder that they are taking over various social media spheres. One of the most popular social networking sites in the world is Instagram, where more than 1 billion monthly active users participate. Whether it’s sharing their own photos and videos as well as discovering new pages, the world of Instagram has definitely changed the platform we have today.

With more and more individuals having a shared love over cats and their crazy antics through this platform, it comes as no surprise that some of the most viral videos and photos are of their wild antics. The cats of Instagram featured in this list are not only adorable, but they also show a lot of personality. If you aren’t following these feline celebrities on Instagram, Purrfect Apparel have come up with a list of who and why you should:

purrfect apparel grumpy cat

  • Grumpy Cat

Instagram Handle: @realgrumpycat

Loyal Following: 2.4 Million Followers

If you want to see a feline friend that perfectly captures your everyday mood about life, head on over to Grumpy’s page. Otherwise known as Tardard Sauce, this feline celebrity rose to fame in 2012, where her face was plastered all over the Internet. From memes to parodies, this Instafamous celebrity certainly captured the hearts of many Instagram fanatics around the world.

Since then, she has successfully made a name for herself in the industry, even having her own sponsorship deals, merchandise, and even a book under her name! A quick glance at this cat’s page will show you her daily life with siblings, holiday festivities, and simply looking pensive.


nala cat purrfect apparel

  • Nala

Instagram Handle: @Nala_cat

Loyal Following: 3.7 Million Followers

Dubbed as the most popular cat on Instagram, Nala has a whopping 3.7 million following and counting! This Siamese/Tabby-mix has perfectly captured the attention of the people with her cuteness and even more delightful personality. Known for her cute, round eyes and her round physique, she has an undeniably pretty face that melts all your walls.

From the get-go, you can see that her page shows not only her quirky faces and hilarious behaviors but also the causes she supports. Now, who wouldn’t want to support this woke creature? Being abandoned at 5 months old but now thankfully in a loving family, she makes sure to create awareness about safe animal upbringing. If following her account isn’t enough, you might want to get the next best thing – her plush toys!


Hamilton the Hipster Cat Purrfect Apparel

  • Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Instagram Handle: @hamilton_the-_hipster_cat

Loyal Following: 821,000 Followers

With a signature white-colored moustache, this cat catapulted to fame because of his Puss in Boots eyes and his unique personality. With a large following under his handsome belt, this cat never fails to participate in charity events and shed light on the importance of adopting and supporting relevant causes. Today, he has numerous partnerships, sponsorships, and even his own mobile app!


waffles the cat purrfect apparel

  • Waffles Cat

Instagram Handle: @waffles_the_cat

Loyal Following: 635,000 Followers

A Scottish-Fold boy, Waffles is a cat who gained popularity due to his charming looks and his creative recreations from various films and shows worldwide. Despite being judged for his looks, he now spends his time with a loving family. With his huge Instagram fanbase, individuals who looked down on him before would surely feel that they missed out on the joy that he brings to other people’s lives.


lil bub purrfect apparel

  • Lil Bub

Instagram Handle: @iamlilbub

Loyal Following: 1.9 Million Followers

Initially considered the runt of her litter, Lil Bub has definitely come a long way. Today, she has a clothing line under her name and numerous brand partnerships lined up. With her impressive partnerships and businesses, she makes sure to give back to society. By raising awareness and donating money to charities, there is no question why Lil Bub has been dubbed as a philanthropist in the making.

What are you waiting for? Follow these celebrity cats today and see why they have gained such a huge fanbase. Who knows, you might just find yourself looking for your own feline pet in the future.

Which ones have been your favourite? Any we missed? Let the Purrfect Apparel team know in the comments! You can also follow us on Instagram @purrfectapparelstore


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